TOUR 1 : 4 x 4



Discover the mysterious world of nomad tribes with the blue men, the famous Touareg warriors. This area extends beyond the borders of Mali and Niger.
The Hoggar, made famous by Frison-Roche's novels, is a range of mountains in Central Sahara, consisting of plateaux and of granite, gneiss and basalt rocks...
To the north/north-eastern part of Tamanrasset, on the Assekrem Plateau (2728 metres altitude) lies Charles de Foucauld's hermitage.
Logistics: 4x4 drivers, a guide escort and a cook.

  • Day 1 : Arrive at Tamanrasset airport. Visit the town and market. Trip to Hoggar and Assekrem. Bivouac in the area.
  • Day 2 : Assekrem. Full day : visit to Charles de Foucauld's hermitage. Then South to Tamekrest. Bivouac.
  • Day 3 : The Tamekrest waterfalls. Bivouac in the area near the gueltas.
  • Day 4 : Trip to Tassili-Hoggar and fascinating landscape of dunes, rocky 'needles'.
  • Days 5 to 9 : Youfaghlal, Tahagart, Guelmamat - Samidat, Tagrera, Inakachaker. Trekking and also by 4x4 in the most amazing locations of the Tassili.Bivouac.
  • Day 10 : El Ghessour grottos. Bivouac on Zazir Oued.
  • Day 11 : Bivouac amongst tamaris and acacias trees in Zazir Oued.
  • Day 12 : Departure



Map and Route

Atakor, in the Touareg area, is at the heart of the Hoggar Mountains and is set in the midst of extraordinary geologically-rich landscapes, at an average altitude of around 2000m. A choice of several mountain routes is available, either to reach Assekrem directly or via its foothills from the wadi (valley) at Tenguet. All the routes pass within reach of the celebrated range of mountains known as the gueltas, and by summits such as those at Ilaman, Tahat and the Assekrem Plateau. They also follow wadi that pass through small villages and gardens. According the time of year, the number of days booked and the trekking difficulty level, we will arrange to have your route customised for you; contact us. 4x4 used for trekking meharee and camel trekking.


15 days in Tin Rehro Tassilis 4x4 and trekking.

Arrival-departure: Tamanrasset.

Exploration of Tin Rehro Tassilis, 2 days drive south of Tamanrasset; a vast area dominated by dunes, overlooked by mountains ranges sculpted through centuries of wind and sand, bizarrely-formed rocks and constantly changing landscapes. Vast caravans from Niger and Mali formerly traversed this area of Tassilis; nowadays the region is rarely visited and constitutes an outstanding optional excursion to the standard tour programmes.

  • Trek : Departure Tamanrasset: Tin Amzi Valley, Tin Rehro, Inalakane, In Tabaret, In Rechla, An Fidj, Zouzane, return to Tamanrasset Trek:Departure Tamanrasset: Tin Amzi Valley, Tin Rehro, Inalakane, In Tabaret, In Rechla, An Fidj, Zouzane, return to Tamanrasset.
  • Trek : plus section by road, 4x4 Tour as above then to An Fidj, Zouzane and return to Tamanrasset through westerly area of Hoggar Tassilis, In Tehoq and Abalema. 15 days minimum.



Map and Route

From the volcanic rocks of Hoggar to the Tassili N'Ajjer, exceptional panoramas and landscapes, charming beauty. Cave art: engravings and paintings known worldwide.

  • Day 1 : Reception at Tamanrasset airport. Welcome event - night in the camping-hotel.
  • Day 2 :Trip to Assekrem, 2728 metres altitude, site of Charles de Foucauld's hermitage. Bivouac.
  • Day 3 : Assekrem - Tamanrasset - Tamekrest. Bivouac at the Tamekrest waterfall.
  • Day 4 : Tamekrest - Youf Ehaket.Bivouac in Tassili Hoggar.
  • Day 5 : Youf Ehaket - Tahagart.bivouac near the huge natural 'cathedrals' and the dunes as far as the eye can see.
  • bivouac near the huge natural cathedrals and the dunes as far as the eye can see.
  • Day 6 : Tahagart -Youfaghal. Bivouac.
  • Day 7 : Youfaghal- Oued Tadanet towards Tassili N'Ajjer. Bivouac.
  • Day 8 : Oued Tadanet- Essendilene- Canyon and Guelta. Bivouac.
  • Day 9 : Essendilene - Tikoubaouine. Bivouac.
  • Day 10 : Djanet (1.100 m.high) near a beautiful oasis. Night in hotel.
  • Day 11 : Jabaren plateau : one of the planet's most outstanding rock-engravings ( nearly 5000 figures running over twelve periods ) bivouac on the plateau.
  • Day 12 : Jabbaren - Tadanet. Bivouac.
  • Day 13 : Tadanet - Oued Igharghar.
  • Day 14 : Igharghar - Tamanrasset.
  • Day 15 : Tamanrasset.
  • Day 16 : Departure.