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- Ghardaia et M'Zab - Saoura Palm-Groves - The Oasis


  • Day 1 : Reception at Bechar airport. Trip to Taghit, visit the most beautiful Saoura.
  • Day 2 : Trip to Beni Abbes, visit Father Charles de Foucauld's hermitage. Bathing in a pool fed from a warm spring. Panoramas of the Grand Erg and the scorpion-shaped palm-grove. Evening in Beni Abbes.
  • Day 3 : From Beni Abbes to Kerzaz, the strange ksar with covered streets. Bivouac at the Erg.
  • Day 4 : Kerzaz, spend the day in the village. Bivouac at the Western Erg with its beautiful dunes.
  • Day 5 : Taghouzi oasis: extraordinary villages built in the middle of the Erg. Bivouac.
  • Day 6 : Outset of camel ride in the Western Grand Erg passing through Taghouzi villages of Gathof and Takialt. Bivouac.
  • Day 7 : Back to Taghouzi on camels. Bivouac.
  • Day 8 : Boukazine, Metarfa and Adrar, passing through the Metarfa palm-grove. Visit the gardens. Evening in Adrar.
  • Day 9 : Whole day in Adrar, Touat main town with its Sudanese architecture and numerous foggaras.
  • Day 10 : Timimoun, red oasis near the sebkha shore ( dried lake ) with its huge palm-grove.
  • Day 11 : Trip from Timimoun to El Golea, a huge oasis overlooking an old ruined ksar.
    Day 12 : Trip from El Golea to Ghardaia. Mzab main town with its original, exceptional spiral architecture. Evening at palm-grove.
  • Full day in Ghardaia: visit the town with its picturesque market place and shops.
    Visit Beni Isguen's holy town with its traditional architecture and lifestyle.
  • Day 14 : Departure.